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Monday, March 20, 2017

Colour Me Bright, Colour Me Right

As the saying goes Clothes Maketh The Man (Or Woman), I truly believe first impression counts. Sometimes people do judge you by the clothes you wear. Last weekend, I was given an opportunity to expand my knowledge on the topic of image remake. 
Sometimes we have to dress to the occasion,dress to blend in or dress to impress. I am so glad I have her to do some image coaching on me and on areas which I can improve.
 Josephine Lui is one of the most charismatic lady I've ever met. Josephine is certainly one chic lady I admire. She has impeccable taste in clothes and I am grateful to learn from her.
Josephine is a certified image consultant in Malaysia with vast experience in coaching and training for corporate companies and big brands consul and hire her for personal training for staff development in areas like grooming, fashion style, etiquette, communication. This woman is one power house!!! She is the Principle and Consultant of FIRST IMAGE TRAINING, a corporate image training company and a member of the AICI, the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. I am truly blessed to have this special workshop session with her.

The class listening attentively to her tips and sharing session.

Colour Me Bright, Colour Me Right!
First, there was a colour analysis done to see if we look better in Gold or Silver. The entire process is to determine the temperature of our skin and if we are more suited to warm or cool colours. Gold = Warm, Silver = Cool. And guess what!!! I can take both! Hoooray!
So which colour do you think looks better on Jennifer? Gold or Silver?

Next, in this workshop, we discovered how bright we can go. This is to find our personal contrast to see if we are prone to softer or brighter tones. Like dear Wenisa here is a hit with bright colours! She looks damn good with super bright colours which many people cannot carry (like me....) Hints were give to me that I should be wearing less super bright coloured clothes which may pull down my overall skin colour.
My colours recommended are not as bright as hers.
Josephine helped identify colours that suit me well - in super canggih terms - 
Light Spring, Cool Summer and Warm Spring
Different people have different results. Some look good in darker and more authoritative colours.

Others look better in softer colours. Given Adeline's fair skin, she looks great with soft pastel-like colours.
I learnt an invaluable lessons in the art of dressing right in the colours that suit me and also in attire (and cuts) that compliment my body type. The image consultant would also need to know our personality to adjust the selection of colours, right up to suitable hair colour, eye wear design, make up palettes....etc It's not an easy task being an image consultant. Now I know.....

Next Josephine shared with us about Dress Styles and Personality


The Romantic is so me...she says. Somehow I am drawn to floral dresses and my favourite dresses are from Dorothy Perkins! 

Sporty, Traditional and Elegant are the Core Styles that are TIMELESS.
Romantic, Alluring, Creative and Dramatic are non classic styles that adds a touch of personality to your wardrobe.

An individual will usually have two or more personal styles.
After learning about clothes, we also learnt about the importance of material types of clothes used and hair styles to compliment our entire look. 

There was even a session on measuring our body proportions and advise given individually what looks best on our body and what to avoid. 

It was certainly a fun and fruitful day and a great learning for all of us!
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